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Port City Holdings Group, Inc. is diversified across numerous industries and ventures both large and small, though generally focusing on technology. Below is a brief overview of some of Port City’s more notable sectors of investment:


Subsidiary manufacturing system test: first of a kind multi-material, high-speed 3D Printing technology.

Our involvement in manufacturing technology advancement is a core component of our business. Through a joint venture with other partners in the manufacturing sector, we aim to make United States manufacturing valuable again as an alternative to outsourced manufacturing efforts that commonly lead to industrial espionage, counterfeiting and poor quality goods in exchange for cheaper costs.

Designed for both small and large businesses alike, the manufacturing system being developed in part by Port City resources will create a 100% Lean, Six Sigma Blackbelt-worthy, multi-material, scalable and fast-paced 3D printer capable of automating the manufacture of nearly any Gcode design supplied to it.


With better distribution innovation, energy will no longer be an issue.

Port City is proud to have secured a patent on the next generation of electric power distribution technology, allowing for the precise match of supply and demand while reducing carbon emissions.

Based on software-controlled bidirectional switching power supply topologies housing high-power semiconductor switches and driving low-cost high-frequency, oil-free transformer elements (manufactured lean using Port City manufacturing technology), the technology is applicable in every power conversion system from utility pole distribution step-down transformers to phone chargers.

By “listening” to the grid’s subtle signals that indicate its state, the innovative system is capable of reserving excess energy caused by generator overproduction due to load changes and back-feeding reserved energy as well as power from local alternative sources back into the grid during times of high demand.

We are proudly working with local South Carolina Green Initiative organizations and Federal regulators to provide this technology for the advancement of energy distribution as we know it, one step at a time.


We advocate the use of alternative currencies in parallel with eCommerce and crowd-funding, among innumerable other legitimate applications.

Bitcoin. When fact is separated from fiction and speculation, the underlying principles of it are indicative of the future of finance – distributed, self-regulatory, and precise.

Port City actively invests in Bitcoin itself and Bitcoin-related ventures. Both a financial tool as well as an opportunity for modern growth, Bitcoin is endorsed by Port City as a hardened payment system that’s here to stay.

Please do not contact us regarding Bitcoin investment opportunities or our Bitcoin-backed bond program – we are closed to external sources of capital, only offer capital in private to carefully-selected opportunities presented by vetted sources, and adhere to all Securities and Exchange Commission regulations regarding securities offerings.

Information Technology

Xerox Award Winner for Information Technology Innovation.

Through subsidiary management and operations, we embrace innovation in Information Technology just as any other venture.

Remote management, full centralized automation, energy-conservative virtualization, distributed computing, high-performance client-server systems, Raspberry Pi embedded applications, and other modern approaches to what is now a staple field in any context are just a few examples of work Port City is glad to back.


Top-notch software solutions are a cornerstone of Port City’s portfolio masterpieces.

From small businesses growing from a mere seed of a dream to large organizations including the United States government, several of Port City’s subsidiary companies focus on developing the best software possible, filling any need with a reliable solution architected with the future in mind.

From datacenter-run distributed applications to mobile apps in everyone’s pockets, our software is found wholly or in part behind the scenes in numerous applications ranging from Real Estate, eCommerce, energy management, audio processing systems, financial analysis, and governmental nuclear processing systems in addition to use within other Port City companies.

These are just several of the innovative opportunities and approaches Port City Holdings Group takes to both modern and classical problems for the advancement of our future generations.